Ashtanga 1:08 DVD   Half First Series   Produced 2015 - Ashtanga Yoga Productions

Ashtanga 1:08 DVD Half First Series

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In this DVD David offers an alternative to people that want to practice traditional Ashtanga Yoga but do not have time for a Full First Series.  In this Half-First Series program David compassionately guides the students up to a traditional stopping point midway through the seated sequence of the First Series at Marichiasana D then completes the program with the full closing sequence as well as a deep relaxation.  This makes for a total practice time of 68 minutes rather than the full 90 minutes required for the complete First Series. It is a perfect stepping stone bridging the gap between David's popular Short Forms routines of 15, 30, and 4 minutes and the Full First Series.
Filmed in a dramatic setting focusing on his body moving in space there are no external distractions, only the simple lines of energy flowing in the postures and his soothing voice offering encouragement and direct verbal instruction.
As an added bonus to the DVD he has created valuable resources within the program menu such as the Alternatives Section where he explains in clear simple terms wonderful alternatives to the more challenging asanas as well as insights into the foundations of the practice in another section called The Five Elements of Practice.

"Though a DVD can never replace the attentive presence of a teacher I have done everything I can to fill this DVD with as much instructional material, compassion and love as possible while also keeping it down-to-earth and user-friendly." -David