Two New DVD's From David

NEW DVD’s !!!
I am so excited and happy to announce that after almost 20 years I am now releasing 2 new DVD’s! 

Ashtanga First Series: This is a technologically and visually updated version of the original video that was released in 1995. There are many new features to make it much more user-friendly and easier to use. I offer explanations for many alternatives to the more challenging asanas as well as a discussion of the basic 5 Elements of the Ashtanga practice:
Breath, Bandhas, Asana, Drishti and Vinyasa. 
Ashtanga 1:08: This is a slightly longer version of the Short Forms programs that I produced about a decade ago. The original ones contain 3 routines of 15, 30 and 45 minutes each. This new one is a fully conducted flow of Half of the First Series that takes One Hour and Eight Minutes hence the title of the program. It is a wonderful progression from the 45-minute flow yet does not require the same stamina, strength and time as the Full First Series. This production also contains the Alternatives and 5 Elements features.
Happy Holidays and Happy Practicing!!!


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